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The purpose of this policy is to provide:

  • guidelines to ensure appropriate and equitable treatment for students with medical conditions undertaking classroom tests and examinations;
  • information about the causes, symptoms and duty of care for student with specific medical conditions; and
  • a standard school care plan for students with medical conditions in schools in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.


First Aid - is the initial care of the ill or injured until appropriate health care professionals take over patient management.

First Aid Officer - the staff member/s designated to run the first aid room. When off campus, the First Aid Officer is the staff member who holds an HLTFA311A Apply First Aid certificate. All designated First Aid Officers MUST have an HLTFA311A Apply First Aid certificate or an equivalent certificate or a more advanced certificate.

Medical Aid - health care provided by professional medical practitioners.

Medical Action Plan -  a plan devised by a certified medical practitioner that specifies the management of a specific health issue. Any medical action plan devised for a Merici College student should be mindful of the limitations that exist within a school environment. Merici Staff are happy to discuss/clarify these limitations with medical practitioners.

Student Services - located at the front of school. This office contains medical and attendance records and the first aid room. It is staffed by First Aid Officers.

Anaphylaxis -  is an acute multi-system severe type I hypersensitivity allergic reaction and is a severe, whole-body allergic reaction. The most severe form of allergic reaction.

CPR - The technique which combines expired air resuscitation and external chest compressions for a victim whose breathing and heart have stopped or are severely impeded.

Asthma  - is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that inflames and narrows the person’s airways making it hard for them to breathe. This can be triggered by exposure to such substances as dust, pollens, animals, tobacco smoke and exercise.

Diabetes ( - mellitus) is a condition in which there is too much glucose in the blood caused by the body not being able to make enough insulin to counteract it, or the insulin the body makes does not work properly in controlling the glucose level in the blood.

Epilepsy  - is a disruption in brain function that results in recurrent seizures or fits. This does not affect the person’s ability and intelligence to take part in normal activities.

Duty of Care - schools have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment and adequate supervision.


Merici College adheres to the Catholic Education Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn’s medical Welfare of Students Policy. This policy can be accessed via the following link.

It is the responsibility of College staff to provide appropriate duty of care to all school employees, students and visitors whilst engaging in school activities, whether on or off school campus. The College is committed to the provision of an effective system of first aid management to protect the health and safety of all school employees, students and visitors, as required by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

A medical alert database is held for students with specific medical conditions regardless of their severity. This database is updated when new students arrive at the College and when legal guardians request a change is made. When a student develops a new and/or serious medical condition, appropriate documentation from a certified medical practitioner is required for our records. If a student has developed a serious medical condition the school will request a medical action plan.

Any student who is taken to hospital by ambulance for medical treatment is required to have a brief interview with a First Aid Officer, her House Coordinator and her legal guardian/parent on the morning that the student returns to school. This is to ensure that staff are aware of any specific health management issues pertaining to the student and so that appropriate information can be communicated to staff regarding the student’s health condition.

We ask for the cooperation of parents/legal guardians in not sending students to school if they are ill or injured. Students are legally not allowed to attend school within the dates and times specified on a medical certificate. Students are not covered by school insurance if they are at school during the timeframe of an exclusion medical certificate. If a student wishes to return to school before the date specified on a medical certificate she must obtain a second medical certificate that states she is fit for school.


First Aid

Merici College provides first aid for students and staff with minor ailments and injuries.  In more serious cases parents are contacted to arrange for their daughter to be cared for appropriately.  An ambulance may be called for any serious situation.

Teachers, as part of their duty of care, are obligated to provide assistance to ill or injured students. If a student is ill or injured, the teacher will also engage in management of the scene that ensures both their safety and the safety of all other students in their care. If first aid of any nature is applied, the teacher will inform the First Aid Officer as soon as is reasonably possible (This may involve sending a student to bring the First Aid Officer to the scene).

Where a medical action plan has been developed for the management of an ongoing health concern of a student, teachers will be advised. In the case of an incident, the student’s teacher will begin first aid and immediately send for the First Aid Officer who will follow through on the medical action plan. It is important that the medical action plan contain all the information suggested on the form attached below and that it be signed by a medical practitioner who supplies their contact details in case any details require verification. The medical action plan must specify a relevant time period (e.g. This medical action plan is valid until…)

Any medication kept at the school will be managed and/or dispensed by the First Aid Officer (unless specific medical action plans require students to carry medication such as an EpiPen). Dispensation of medication by any other staff member must be approved by the Principal. Prescription medication will only be dispensed if accompanied by an appropriate medical action plan and/or according to specific doctor’s instructions. In keeping with current legislation and CE guidelines, it is not possible to dispense analgesics (such as paracetamol or ibuprofen) to students at any time, even with parental permission. All medication dispensed by a First Aid Officer will be recorded (student name, medication, dosage, time, date and dispensed by…).

A student may ask her class teacher for permission to attend Student Services for a first aid assessment at any time. A student may self-refer to Student Services for a first aid assessment before school, at recess, at lunch or after school.

On arrival at Student Services the student will be assessed by a First Aid Officer and appropriate first aid will be applied, she will then be sent back to class. If ongoing monitoring of the student is required, she will be monitored for 15-30 minutes and reassessed. If the student is sufficiently recovered then she will then be sent back to class. If the student is not sufficiently recovered the student’s parents/legal guardian will be contacted to collect the student. Parents/legal guardians are expected to collect their child or arrange for the collection of their child by a responsible adult. The prompt collection of ill or injured students is strongly encouraged. The first aid room is a triage centre and is not equipped to manage students for long periods of time.

Contact with parents should be made by Merici College staff and NOT the students themselves. If a parent/legal guardian is contacted by a student directly we request that they ask their child to go to Student Services for a first aid assessment.

Junior students who are ill or injured are not allowed to travel home unaccompanied. Senior students may only travel home unaccompanied with parent/legal guardian permission and if the First Aid Officer is satisfied that they are well enough. All students must sign out at Student Services before leaving.

In an emergency, Merici College staff will make every effort to communicate with the parent/legal guardian and engage them where reasonable in decision-making processes. Merici College staff will call an ambulance if the appropriate application of first aid requires it. There is no charge incurred by parents/legal guardians for an ambulance from Merici College to the nearest available hospital. Parents are responsible for any other costs incurred relating to the student’s medical treatment.

It is the parent’s/legal guardian’s responsibility to ensure that all emergency contact information kept by the school is current. Any changes to contact information should be forwarded to the school in writing.

First Aid Officers will maintain a record of all first aid assessments. Documentation must be accurate, legible and a factual account of the incident. Records are to be written at the time of treatment or as soon afterwards as possible. All records must be written in ink or ball point pen and never erased. Mistakes must be crossed through and ‘wrong entry’ written next to them. The record of incidents should be validated and signed by the First Aid Officer. The recording system includes:

  • Date and time of the assessment
  • A description of the illness/injury and the symptoms/circumstances relating to its onset
  • First aid applied
  • Destination: back to class, home, hospital

A weekly report of students receiving first aid will be sent to House Coordinators for review and follow up where necessary. First Aid Officers may also contact House Coordinators regarding students receiving first aid if they suspect: anxiety related illness, repetitive referral for illness or injury, falsification of illness and/or injury or any other concern that arises.

Guidelines for Students Undertaking Tests and Examinations

Staff are obliged to provide any special provisions or conditions outlined for students within their school care plan. These provisions and/or conditions may refer to classroom tests as well as any major examination undertaken by students with a medical condition.

All students requiring special consideration when undertaking tests and examinations should discuss their needs with teaching staff prior to undertaking the examination.

Specific Documentation

Specific documentation is required in some instances. The BSSS requires all senior students who request modification to their course or assessment on medical grounds to provide appropriate medical certificates to support their request.  In the case of AST examinations conducted in the Australian Capital Territory, this is to be provided on the form “Application for Special Case Treatment for AST”.  This application form is made available to students by the College AST Coordinator. All special provisions and conditions for made for senior students must be supported by adequate medical certification.

Provisions and Conditions

May include but are not limited to:

  • Food and drink accessibility
  • Seating/space requirement
  • Toilet access
  • Additional and/or alternate time.


Work Health and Safety Act 2011

St John Ambulance Australia, Australian First Aid, Imago Australia Pty Ltd, 2011



Medical Action Plan Suggested Format– see below.

REMINDERS: Any medical action plan devised for a Merici College student should be mindful of the limitations that exist within a school environment (e.g. students are only able to be monitored at sick bay for 30 min). Merici Staff are happy to discuss/clarify these limitations with medical practitioners.

Medical action plans MUST be signed by a medical practitioner who supplies their contact details in case any details require verification.

Approved by:

Merici Executive

Implementation Date:

September 2007

Policy last Updated:

July 2017

Merici Contact Officer:

Deputy Principal Development



Medical Action Plan for the Treatment of ___________________________


Date of Birth:

Current Student picture: where not provided by parents the latest school photo available will be used.

Allergens/Triggers to be avoided:

Medical action plan should be implemented if the following signs and/or symptoms are observed:

Action recommended:

Additional Information relevant to management of health condition: e.g. ongoing medication being used by the student.

This medical action plan is valid until…

Emergency Contacts


Plan Prepared by:




Contact #