2021 Annual Report to the Community

2021 was a year of renewal, resilience and growth for Merici College. Staff, students, members of our founding orders and broader community embraced the opportunity to revise our college and distil our core values.
Our Mission Statement is well-loved and was confirmed: Merici College empowers women to love life, have hope, be faithful and build futures more wondrous than they dare to dream. Our Vision was identified: Merici College endeavours to be a vibrant, faithful learning community that fosters excellence, and takes positive action to build a shared global future. Our Values are: Fidelitas (faith), Integritas (integrity), Communitas (community) and Spes (hope). Our priority areas remain: STRONG FAITH, POWERFUL LEARNING, THRIVING COMMUNITY and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.
The college continued to innovate through remote learning, introduced a new Learning Management System, built community and reviewed organisational structures. A new Principal, Mrs Anna Masters, was welcomed with warmth and support from all.
This report outlines the great work the committed staff, students and parents did to ensure our community remained a safe and generative environment in which to learn and succeed.

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2021 Annual Report

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