Our House system is the formal structure for pastoral care in the College. There are six Houses, each associated with one of the original orders of nuns who founded the College. Each House is led and supported by a House Coordinator who takes pastoral responsibility for the students in the House. The seven Pastoral Care (PC) Groups in each House are vertically streamed and students remain in the same PC group throughout their six years at Merici. This encourages positive relationships and a sense of belonging and continuity for students and their families. It also provides leadership opportunities for older students who support and mentor the younger ones. The ongoing nature of the PC Teacher's role enhances relationships and communication between teachers, students, co-ordinators and parents.

Explore our six houses from the panels below.

Crest of Balgo house
Crest of Brescia house
Crest of Ningil house
Crest of Penola house
Crest of Seiwa house
Crest of Tullow house