Merici encourages all our students to get out on the field, court or track and get active! Sport at Merici is about promoting physical wellbeing & fitness, fostering an understanding of healthy competition and, above all else, having fun! Through our Physical Education & Health curriculum Merici Girl's get a chance to experience a huge variety of different sports - from AFL and soccer to rowing and volleyball! Student's also learn the science behind the human body for a better understanding of physical health. Passionate about a particular sport? Awesome! We have plenty of teams to get involved with for your favourite sport and compete in inter-school competitions around the region. Read more about our individual sports below. For information on our co-curricular sport program, please contact Susan Anderson, Co-curricular Facilitator, email:

Upcoming Sport Registrations

Please click here to find pre-registration information for 2023 Netball.

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