Welcome to our school policies page. It's important to us to make sure Merici is a safe and nurturing place for all our students, parents, staff and community members. These policies outline our commitment to our community and our policies and procedures regarding our students & staff. You can browser the policies in alphabetical order or choose a category from the sidebar.

To clarify the attendance and assessment requirements for students with significant medical or mental health conditions in Year 11 and 12. To provide consistency in decision-making round the treatment of students impacted by significant conditions. To ensure that appropriate documentation is provided to meet BSSS requirements.
To outline the grounds for appeal in Years 11 and 12 To provide clear processes for registering an appeal
Merici College encourages all students to attend all school days and events when they are able, but recognises that attendance is a parental responsibility. As such, it works with parents to support regular attendance. It is required that Junior students attend from 8:45am – 3:25pm. Students are required to attend all scheduled lessons during the school day. The College has a responsibility to assist parents with the regular attendance of their daughters and to assist parents with their compliance to the national legislation regarding students attending school until age 17.
To clarify the expectations of attendance during senior years: Year 11 and 12. To provide consistency in decision-making around the classification of absences as explained and unexplained. To ensure that appropriate documentation is provided to meet BSSS requirements.
To clearly define teacher’s roles in before and after school supervision.
The Positive Behaviour (Personal Best) Policy is informed by a commitment to the principles of Restorative Practices. The College aims to promote a sense of responsibility amongst its students and recognises that mistakes will occur. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated but students must also be permitted to repair harm caused by their actions, have an opportunity for personal growth and be provided with strategies to deal with situations in the future.
Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn work in partnership with parents and their school communities to promote a shared responsibility for the education of each child. This Charter provides the principles and expectations that will help to achieve this critical partnership.
Effective communication is essential in our environment. Many avenues exist to facilitate communication within the College and with the community. This policy covers formal processes of communication and sets out expectations to ensure positive and effective communication in the college community. This policy includes communication processes between members of staff, students, parents, and the wider community and outside agencies.
At Merici we are committed to providing a safe and supportive work and learning environment for all employees and students. We acknowledge that employees, students and parents can sometimes feel aggrieved about something that is happening at the school. This policy describes the process for effectively managing complaints whilst protecting the rights of all parties involved and seeking a solution to the problem in the best interests of all affected.