Welcome to our school policies page. It's important to us to make sure Merici is a safe and nurturing place for all our students, parents, staff and community members. These policies outline our commitment to our community and our policies and procedures regarding our students & staff. You can browser the policies in alphabetical order or choose a category from the sidebar. Please also refer to the policies of Catholic Education Canberra & Goulburn at https://cg.catholic.edu.au/parents/policies/.

To clarify plagiarism and dishonesty in the senior years: Year 11 and 12. To provide detail of the processes followed in determining and dealing with plagiarism and dishonesty. To ensure that appropriate documentation is provided to meet BSSS requirements.
To outline the grounds for appeal in Years 11 and 12 and to provide clear processes for registering an appeal.
Merici College encourages all students to attend all school days and events when they are able, but recognises that attendance is a parental responsibility. As such, it works with parents to support regular attendance. It is required that Junior students attend from 8:45am – 3:25pm. Students are required to attend all scheduled lessons during the school day. The College has a responsibility to assist parents with the regular attendance of their daughters and to assist parents with their compliance to the national legislation regarding students attending school until age 17.
To clarify the expectations of attendance during senior years: Year 11 and 12. To provide consistency in decision-making around the classification of absences as explained and unexplained. To ensure that appropriate documentation is provided to meet BSSS requirements.
Effective communication is essential in our environment. Many avenues exist to facilitate communication within the College and with the community. This policy covers formal processes of communication and sets out expectations to ensure positive and effective communication in the college community. This policy includes communication processes between members of staff, students, parents, and the wider community and outside agencies.
Mobile phones and technology are now a key part of modern life. Most students own a mobile phone with access to the internet and for safety reasons students will carry a mobile phone to contact home after or before school. However, mobile phones can and often do lead to several problems in school such as bullying, filming, disruption to lessons and inappropriate usage of the internet and social media leading to potential safeguarding issues. Here at the Merici, we strongly encourage our students to develop socially and emotionally. This development is just as important as any academic progress or grades. Improving social skills and emotional development can best be done by talking to each other, interacting and developing real connections at break and lunchtime, as opposed to using their mobile phones.
The purpose of the Drafts Policy is to clarify the expectations for/on staff regarding the reading of drafts of student work, while aiming to improve Year 10-12 student outcomes by allowing students to submit a draft of assessment.
Merici College is committed to holistic education and offers a range of academic, spiritual, social, sporting, leadership and intellectual opportunities for its students. The College recognises the efforts and time commitments of elite Competitors’ and commends these students for their dedication to developing their God-given abilities.
This procedure describes specific requirements for the management of contractors prior to performing work at Merici College and during. This procedure also outlines the general requirements for contract work and the risk management procedures required to ensure that contractors are properly managed at all times.
Merici College recognises gifted and talented students have unique educational needs. Merici College is committed to ensuring that the needs of gifted and talented students are catered for in the school for them to reach their educational potential.