Merici takes pride in being an all girls College and we recognise the many advantages of this educational environment for girls. Some of these are:

  • Research demonstrates that many girls in girls’ schools achieve stronger academic results than their counterparts in a co-educational environment.
  • In an all-girl classroom, girls take on all the roles in the group and learn in an atmosphere where students take the risks necessary for genuine achievement.
  • All the leadership roles are filled by girls- girls take the lead in formal leadership positions, in the SRC, on the sporting field, in front of the microphone, on the stage.
  • At Merici, teachers adapt their strategies for Powerful Learning to the learning styles of the girls in their classes.
  • Girls thrive and excel in collaborative teams and there is a greater sense of connectedness in girls’ schools- listening, helping, sharing points of view.
  • Girls are able to work through the challenges of adolescence without distraction or embarrassment.
  • Girls see strong female role models and understand that all careers are open to them.
  • Girls can develop their relationships and seek help in times of difficulty in a highly supportive environment.
  • Girls’ efforts and achievements are celebrated.