Bridge Restaurant student

Bridge Restaurant is Merici College's very own, full-service à la Carte dining experience!

We use fresh, organic ingredients grown in our gardens by Merici Students. Through this experience student's gain a strong understanding of sustainable farming practices, human impact on the environment, and how to grow your own food for the freshest meals possible!

Students then have the opportunity to hone their culinary skills behind the scenes of the restaurant preparing a wide range of mouth-watering dishes from salads, to pasta and sumptuous desserts.

Best of all we invite anyone in our community to come and experience Bridge Restaurant for themselves on Wednesdays. You'll experience the fine service of our students and get to sample our rotating menu.

Please contact our Hospitality team on 6243 4130 to make your booking.

Upcoming Dates:

26 February 12.30pm

18 March 12.30pm

1 April 12.30pm

6 May 6.00pm

13 May 12.30pm

3 June 6.00pm

5 August 12.30pm

19 August 6.00pm

28 August 6.00pm

9 September 12.30pm

23 September 6.00pm

21 October 6.00pm