The wellbeing and safety of everyone in our community is of paramount importance at Merici College. We believe everyone has the right to be educated, and work, in a safe, caring and supportive environment. Merici's Pastoral Care offers a range of support services and initiatives. Read more about the ways in which Merici is actively working to make sure our school stays a nurturing and welcoming place in the page below. If you have any concerns about bullying or harassment we urge you to contact the school as soon as possible.

Anti Bullying

Merici College does not tolerate bullying in any form. All members of the College community are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment that promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all. This involves mutual respect for the dignity of every individual. Our policy recognises the fact that bullying and harassment can undermine our learning environment and be detrimental to the individual. Our Policy to Promote Positive Peer Relations and to Deal with Incidents of Bullying is available on our website. If parents are concerned about bullying then they are urged to contact the school.

Formal Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the summation of the academic, social and religious dimensions of the College, giving expression to the relationships of faith, care and support which characterise its vision and practice. Pastoral Care is an expression of what we believe about the individual. What actually happens in the College follows from the belief that people are created in God’s image and likeness (Gen. 1:27), and that God’s love is freely given to all.

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Defence School Mentor Program

At Merici College we have a large defence community. To accommodate the needs of our defence students, we have a Defence School Mentor, Kate Friend. Find out more

Safe School & Behaviour Management

Merici College is committed to ensuring that all members of the community, particularly students, feel safe and are free from verbal and physical abuse and harassment in the school grounds, classroom and allied teaching and sporting areas. The College endorses the Principles of a Safe School (listed below) from the ACT Department of Education and Training’s Safe Schools Policy Framework.

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Student Leadership Opportunities & Training

As a 7-12 girls college, there are numerous opportunities for student leadership in both formal and informal ways. The vertical pastoral care system provides a natural environment for students to exercise leadership in mentoring younger students and allows them to develop leadership skills through the daily functioning of the Tutor Group. All students have opportunities within the Tutor Group to assume roles of responsibility. In addition to this, senior students are encouraged to be part of their House Executive to assist the House Coordinator and support their Captain and Vice-Captain.

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Inclusive Education

Merici College believes that all students can learn and acknowledges different learning styles. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and we attempt to develop enthusiasm, enjoyment and love of learning.

We recognise that within the College community there will be some students with special learning needs, who will need extra support to enable them to achieve to the best of their ability. ESP (Educational Success Program) is a multi-faceted approach to supporting students with their learning.

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