Merici College is an Archdiocesan school administered on behalf of Catholic Education Canberra/Goulburn. The College’s enrolment policies are determined by the Catholic Education Commission and may vary from time to time.

School Fees Information Package

For information on our College School Fees policy and all relevant forms relating to fees, please follow the link: School Fees Policy.

Merici College Fees 2018

Below is the Merici College 2018 Fees Breakdown. If you have any queries on school fees, please contact the Fees Liaison Officer at

Fees as invoiced per term – 2018 - All charges are included in the figures below. In addition, voluntary Building Fund contributions ($672.00 per annum) are also included.

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  Fees Set by Catholic Education Fees set by Merici College   Compulsary Extra Curricular  
Year Diocesan School Fee

Per Year
Per Student

Diocesan Building

Per Year
Per Family

Resource Fee
All Subjects

Per Year
Per Student

General Fee

Per Year
Per Student

Parent &
Friends Levy

Per Year
Per Family

Total Fees

Curriculum & Education

Year 7 Camp & Stationery Pack1
Year 9 Urban Challenge
Year 11 Urban Challenge
Year 12 Retreat
Total Cost

Including Extra Curricular

This is the maximum cost levied on 1st child.
Thereafter sibling discount applies.

2nd child - less 20%
3rd child - less 50%
4th + child - no fee

Only applies where there are
older siblings attending Merici and
other CE-ACG Secondary Colleges2

This charge is tax deductible Resource Fee –
this subsidises the cost of text
books on loan to students as well as
other teaching resources.

It is charged once in Term 1;
and on a pro-rata basis for new students
starting later through the year.

General Fee – this subsidises other
college and classroom running costs.3
In lieu of fetes Does not include sibling discount
if applicable
7 $3,480 $672 $228 $2,820 $152 $6,680 $525 $7,877
8 $3,480 $672 $228 $2,820 $152 $6,680 No Charge $7,352
9 $3,576 $672 $228 $3,016 $152 $6,972 $630 $8,274
10 $3,576 $672 $228 $3,016 $152 $6,972 No Charge $7,644
11 $4,340 $672 $256 $3,456 $152 $8,204 $256 $9,132
12 $4,340 $672 $256 $3,456 $152 $8,204 $256 $9,132
  • 1 Year 7 Camp & stationery pack = $435 for Camp and $90 for stationery pack
  • 2CE-ACG Secondar Colleges include: St. Francis Xavier College, St. Mary Mackillop College, St. Clare's College, or St. John-Paul II College.
  • 3Examples of other running costs include: internet access, site licenses, filtering and copyright cost, pastoral care for students, bus hire, excursions under $25, classroom equipment, and consumables e.g. art supplies, food in hospitality, printing, paper and stationery, administration and site utilities, buildings and maintenance, etc.

Additional information

  • Fees for Years 7-11 are divided by 4 and charged per term, with the exception of the Resource Fee All Subjects, Year 7 Stationery Pack, Year 7 Camp and Year 11 Conference which are charged in Term 1, and Year 9 Urban Challenge and Year 12 Retreat which are charged in Term 3.
  • Year 12 Fees are divided by 3 and are invoiced in Terms 1, 2 & 3.
  • Payment preferred by Direct Debit – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please contact Fees Liaison Officer on 02 6243 4108 for assistance with all payment options.
  • Students are require to participate in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.

Please contact Adrian Heim, Business Manager with any queries you may have -