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Suspension and Exclusion of Students


This policy sets out the processes that are undertaken when determining that a student will be permanently removed from the school.


Exclusion means excluding a student from all Catholic systemic schools.
Expulsion - In ACT, the term expulsion is no longer used; the closest reference is to “transfer to another Catholic systemic school”.


The permanent removal of a student from one particular school where the student is not prevented from applying for enrolment at another Catholic System school. In some cases the Principal can assist the student’s voluntary transfer to another System school within the Archdiocese.

Procedural fairness involves:

Providing relevant policies and procedures to involved persons Providing details of allegations to involved persons
Providing the right to respond to allegations to the involved persons and, if appropriate, the opportunity to appeal any decision
Providing the right of an impartial decision to involved persons.


Merici College has developed a policy of student management that reflects Gospel values and respects the dignity of students. Teachers and students understand and comply with the requirements of this policy.

The decision regarding exclusion or transfer of a student is made by the Director on the written recommendation of the Principal when the Director is satisfied that the circumstances warrant exclusion, expulsion or transfer.


Procedures that precede a decision to remove a student from a school

The Principal gives the student reasonable opportunities to attend counselling and/or participate in relevant education programs or provide other appropriate assistance.

The Principal notifies those involved (e.g. Director, student, relevant staff, student’s parents, and Parish Priest) of a serious matter involving the student, and that the process, which may lead to exclusion, is commencing.

The Principal gathers information, consults with those involved, ensures procedural fairness and confidentiality, and ensures that written records are kept.

The Principal gives the student information about the serious matter and asks for the student’s response, taking into account the student’s maturity and capacity for understanding. The Principal offers the student an opportunity for counselling and pastoral guidance e.g. through the Parish Priest.

The Principal consults with the parents of the student and informs them in writing about the process underway and the reasons for this. The Principal offers the parents support.

Procedures to Recommend Exclusion

The Principal notifies the parents verbally and in writing that a recommendation to exclude the student, and the reasons for this, is to be made to the Director of Catholic Education. The Principal also notifies the parents if the Principal has recommended that the Director consider an opportunity for student transfer. The written communication is sent to the parents by registered mail.

The Principal makes the recommendation to exclude the student in writing to the Director of Catholic Education. The Principal provides the Director with a written report including the details of the supports provided for the student and the rationale for recommending the exclusion of the student.

The Director makes a decision about exclusion within five (5) working days after receiving the documentation. The Director advises the student and the student’s parents in writing of that decision, including details of the appeal process if relevant.

The Director gives the Registrar of ACT Non-Government Schools written confirmation of the exclusion of a student if the student is excluded from all Catholic Systems schools.

Appeal Procedures

The parents or student may lodge a written appeal against the decision with the Director of Catholic Education within ten (10) days of the written notification of the exclusion.

The Director refers the appeal to the Chair of the Catholic Education Commission who may dismiss the appeal or form a panel to hear the appeal.

The Chair of the Catholic Education Commission, a parent member of the Catholic Education Commission and another Principal (or their delegates) constitutes the appeal panel. The appeal panel reviews the decision and the decision making process.

The appeal panel makes a decision within three (3) days of the appeal hearing and gives written notification of the outcome of the appeal to all relevant persons.




CEO Exclusion, Expulsion Policy or Transfer of Students.

Approved by: Merici Executive
Implementation Date: September 2007
Policy last Updated: July 2017
Merici Contact Officer: Deputy Principal Learning