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To clearly define teacher’s roles in before and after school supervision.


Before school and after school

Supervising children who have been required to remain after school for sports training or other events (choir practice, etc.). This supervision should last until the students have been advised to leave either the school precincts or other approved coaching venues. Students are not supervised at school before 8:30am


Merici College adheres to the Catholic Education policy on supervision on which this policy is based. Professional duty of care requires that staff exercise due diligence to ensure the safety and security of students under their supervision.

Duty of care extends not only to teachers rostered on for a particular duty, but includes any teacher in, or moving through, a particular area of the schools grounds. Duty of care extends to supervision of students required to be on school grounds outside normal class times and to students participating in any approved school activity outside school grounds.

Effective supervision involves enforcing the school's safety regulations and using professional judgement to foresee and to attend to reasonably foreseeable risks to students' safety.


Teachers have the responsibility for:

  • Dealing with any known unsatisfactory behaviour of students including that which has occurred as students come and go between school and home.

Before School Duty 8:30 a.m. – 8:50am

There are two staff on duty, one at the front of the school and one in the canteen. Students may wait in the corridors, the canteen or the quads but may not remain on footpaths at the front of the school or at the perimeter of the College.

After school, students not involved on organised activities such as music or sport, are only supervised in the Information Centre.

After School Supervision provided in Information Centre (iC)

The iC is open until 5:00pm Mondays to Thursdays and 4:00pm on Fridays. During this time the iC is open so that students can:

  • Access resources
  • Attend tutoring
  • Do school related work: homework, assignments, revision, study • Read quietly.

Students should have a definite plan of what they want to achieve each afternoon, and be willing to discuss this with the iC staff.

Expectations to ensure a positive working environment

  • Students must be considerate of other students. This is a tutorial, study or silent reading time.
  • Use the computers for games, loud chatting or disruptive behaviour is inappropriate at this time.
  • At all times, students must treat the iC staff with respect and follow their instructions.
  • Students must sign in when they arrive and out as they leave the centre.
  • Should a student abuse the privilege of tutoring, quiet work on the computers or desks and quiet recreational reading in the iC after school, then the student will be asked to leave and parents will be contacted.

Parent Student Agreement

Parents and students should discuss together the reason for using the iC in the afternoon so parents and staff can feel confident that the students will use the facility as described above and can be trusted to be considerate of other students and respectful of staff.

Parents should have a clear arrangement with students in terms of collecting them from school, making sure that students will not be left waiting for extended periods after the closing time.



Approved by: Merici Executive
Implementation Date: September 2007
Policy last Updated: July 2017
Merici Contact Officer: Deputy Principal Development