Brescia Crest

History of Brescia

House Brescia Story
pays tribute to the Ursuline Sisters, one of the six groups of Sisters involved in the foundation of Merici College.

Angela Merici’s Story
It was 1470 when Angela Merici was born in a small Italian village called Desenzano on the shores of Lake Garda.
As Angela was growing up the world was exploding with change and possibility.  A new knowledge and world geography was emerging resulting in unrest at all levels of society.
While the wealthy were accumulating unheard of riches, the poor were suffering disease, hunger, homelessness and the lack of possibilities that could improve their lives.

Into this picture walked a young Angela Merici with her small group of friends.
She did not appear as a reformer. 
Angela moved as

  • a woman of her time.
  • a wisdom woman who redefined womanhood in her own day.
  • a woman who trusted in God’s love for her.
  • a woman who believed that this same spark of God’s love rests deep in the heart of every person.
  • a woman who shared God’s love everyday as she walked the streets with her friends, reaching out in response to the needs she saw around her.

Angela encouraged her friends to be PEACEMAKERS and to always act with KINDNESS and RESPECT.
Her life’s mission was one of SERVICE – Angela was passionate about the well-being of others.

At the entrance to Merici College stands the statue of Angela Merici depicting her as a Pilgrim Woman.
As a pilgrim, Angela was always on the move, carrying her pilgrim staff for support along the way.  With her eyes focussed on the road ahead, and following the dream that God planted in her heart, she was resolute about the steps she needed to take, even if, she was at times, uncertain about where the road might take her.

It was not until Angela was 65 years old (1535) that she and her friends formed the Company of St Ursula, now spread throughout the world and known as the URSULINE SISTERS.

So why did Angela, living in the 15th / 16th centuries choose to name her newly formed Company after a 4th Century Saint called URSULA?

Angela would have heard, many times, the story of this popular saint.  She would have been encouraged by the way Ursula was able to inspire the young women she took into her care.
The characteristics of Ursula’s life -

  • her faith-filled trust in God,
  • her courageous risk-taking,
  • her compassionate service of others, also inspired Angela.

The true story of the martyrdom of Ursula and her companions has been lost in time and popular devotion, so there are few factual details of Ursula’s life.
But Angela would have found in Ursula the INSPIRATIONAL WISDOM WOMAN she believed could carry forward the plan God had in mind for the Ursuline Sisters then, now and into the future.


The Brescia House Motto is “Sfidiamo” which means “Let’s Dare, We Dare”.
In Brescia House this is focal point of our core values.With Angela Merici beside us we attempt to continually develop ourselves Spiritually and emotionally, so as to impart to our Merici College community the Brescia House values reflected in our motto.

Brescia's House Story


Across the pages of our hearts Angela writes
“Have faith and strong hope. As you grow you will see wonders.”
“Always treat everyone with KINDNESS and RESPECT.”


God who loves us all,

Guide us in Brescia to serve others in the footsteps of our own St Angela.

Through your guidance and her intercession unite us as sisters who bring hope to all those we love….

  • our friends, through our respect of them,
  • our families, through our recognition of them,
  • our school, through our loyalty,
  • our community, through our service.

Help us to realise that it is in giving that we receive.
It is through the humble act of giving to others that we discover our true selves.
May Your love, O God, join us together as Sisters, united in our vision to love, serve, dream, hope and dare.
Let’s Dare, we Dare.



MOTHER OF PEACE Primary School in Battambang, Cambodia.

This school was opened in 2018 by the Ursuline Sisters at the invitation of the local village people of Chrab Viel and in partnership with the Bishop of Battambang.

This emerging school community aims to offer the children of Chrab Viel the opportunity to

  1. engage in a rich life-enhancing educational opportunities,
  2. embrace a hope-filled pathway out of their poverty cycle towards becoming future builders of a strong, more equitable Cambodian society.

House Bresica embraces these aims by pledging to raise money each year to go towards the needs and projects of Mother of Peace School in Chrab Viel, Battambang, Cambodia.

In doing so, House Brescia stands beside Angela Merici as together we promote an education that supports a pathway to a life of dignity for all.

“Have confidence. God will provide for you wonderfully well”. Angela


Make a wish and dare to dream.

Dream of heaven Dream of success.Dream of Happiness.
So close your eyes and spread your wings.

Dare to attempt, Dare to believe, Dare to achieve.
Make a wish and live your dreams.


Appendix A: House Stories Depicted in House Crest


Angela Merici speaks to us today through the images of

  • The OPEN BOOK reminding us of her love of Scripture and her belief in the importance of life-long learning.
  • The PLANT speaks to us of the ANGELA MERICI ROSE planted in our college garden.This rose was propagated in 1985 to celebrate 450th Anniversary of the the beginning of Angela’s Company of St Ursula.
    It challenges us to nurture our growth through life’s daily opportunities.
  • The LOVE HEART growing out of the plant is a universal symbol representing the Ursuline Sisters and their passion to empower women to make a difference in the world.

The PLANT, the OPEN BOOK, and the HEART, all connected as ONE image reminds us that across the pages of our hearts Angela writes “Have faith, strong hope, as you grow you will see wonders.”