Brescia Crest

History of Brescia

Brescia House pays tribute to the Ursuline order of nuns, one of the six orders of nuns who collaborated to bring Merici College into being. The patron saints from which Brescia seeks guidance and wisdom are Saints Ursula and Angela Merici, the first from whom the Ursulines take their name and the second who began this religious company of women in Brescia, Italy where we derive our name.

Angela Merici felt that she was called to care for women in a special way and throughout her life she sought ways and means to fulfil this call. She felt that it was important to support women in living the Gospel in their daily lives. In putting her vision into reality Angela took two women who were both strong figures and models of inner strength, St Catherine and St Ursula, as her role models. Both of these saints are patronesses of young people and of learning. Their teachings form the foundation of Brescia House.

The Brescia House motto is “Sfidiamo” which means, “Let’s Dare, We Dare”. In Brescia House this is the focal point of our core values. We attempt to continually develop ourselves spiritually and emotionally to impart Brescia House values and our motto to all in the Merici College community.

Brescia's House Story

On the 25th of November 1535, Angela Merici and 28 Companions founded the company of St Ursula, a convent of nuns. This order was formally recognised as the company of Ursuline nuns recognised in 1545 by Pope Paul the third. The Ursuline nuns are split into two branches the order of St Ursula and the company of St Ursula and they are collectively known as the Angelines. The company of St Ursula protect young people and was trusted to be chosen as the patron saint of Merici. The Angelines care for the sick and poor people, and are the patron Saints of education responsible for the education of girls. Brescia is located in North-West Italy an hour out of Milan. Founded 3,200 years ago, Brescia is home to numerous monuments and some of the best preserved Roman public buildings. This is where St Angela Merici was born, and where she grew up, and she remains there today. Angela died in Brescia on 27 January in the year 1540, due to old age. She had retired from her teaching position, and head of the order but still devoted her life to the teaching of girls across Italy. She was known as a mother throughout Northern Italy To this day her body rest in a glass coffin in her church in the heart of Brescia. Her body still intact and her crown on her head.



The Mother of Peace Primary School is one of Brescia’s new focus’ for the year. Mother of Peace Primary School was established in 2018 by the Ursuline Sisters in partnership with the Catholic Prefecture of Battambang, Cambodia. The emerging school aims to offer the children of Charab Viel and its surrounding regions, the opportunity to engage in a rich, life-enhancing and educational experience. The Ursuline Sisters will achieve this by providing a wholistic and value-based education, care for every individual and a full-length day of school. The education provided at this school will contribute to their development as individuals, helping them to break out of the poverty cycle and build a stronger Cambodian society. Members of Brescia are asked to contribute to the construction and development of the school throughout the year, either through donating, fundraising or by supporting a specific element of the project e.g. classroom furniture, uniforms etc. to ultimately support, grow and develop the livelihoods of the children of Charab Viel.

Brescia's Prayer

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.
Peter 1: 3-8

Heavenly Father,

Guide us in Brescia to be called to serve others in the way of our own St Angela.

Through your guidance, we come together

United as sisters to bring hope to all those we love.

To our friends through our respect to them

To our families through our recognition of them

To our school through our loyalty

To our community through our service to them

Help us to realise that it is in giving that we receive

It is through the humble act of giving to others that we discover our true selves

Through your love, we join together as sisters,

United in our vision to love, serve, dream, hope and dare.

Let’s dare, We dare.


Brescia's Poem

Make a wish and dare to dream

Dream of heaven Dream of success

Dream of happiness

So close your eyes and spread your wings

Dare to attempt Dare to believe Dare to achieve

Make a good wish and live your dreams!​