Merici has numerous opportunities for student leadership in both formal and informal ways. The vertical pastoral care system provides a natural environment for students to exercise leadership in mentoring younger students and allows them to develop leadership skills through the daily functioning of each Pastoral Care class. In addition to this, senior students are encouraged to be part of their House Executive to assist the House Coordinator and support their Captain and Vice-Captain.


Other informal leadership opportunities emerge through extra-curricular activities at the College where students are encouraged to take a leading role eg through coaching and organisation of sports and representing the College.


In addition to these informal opportunities, formal structures are in place for student leadership. Students from Years 7-12 may nominate for the position of SRC representative and elected leaders are trained and mentored by the SRC Facilitator, attending regular meetings and initiating projects and addressing issues suggested by the student body.


The senior student College Leaders are elected each year by their peers and College staff, following a nomination process. Click here to view Student Leadership Role Descriptions.