The Merici Leadership Team would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new, and returning, students and parents for 2018. We are excited to see the contribution each and everyone of you will make to our community over the coming year and have no doubt this will be one of the school's greatest ever years.

Deputy Principal Learning

Merici College is a great school and this can be attributed to its emphasis on teaching and learning, in an environment that both physically and emotionally supports the education of girls. The staff is committed to continual development of teaching expertise and is focused on the needs of the students. Merici seeks to nurture within each of our students a life-long love of learning, an ability to think critically and independently and a belief in their own potential. We promote excellence and work with our students to build confidence and success. Staff endeavour to work in partnership with students and their parents. The curriculum at Merici College is designed to develop responsibility for active learning, with students becoming increasingly involved in the choice of, and commitment to, their own program of study.

As a College catering for students from Years 7 to 12, we have the advantage of being able to systematically align the sequence of learning to foster high level skill development. We are able to track our students’ achievements, both through our own assessment procedures and utilising NAPLAN results, and build on foundational skills to maximize student learning through to the senior years. Knowing our students and their strengths and requirements allows us to support learning to help all students to achieve a level of success commensurate with their efforts. Our innovative curriculum is based on the Principles of Powerful Learning. These Principles were developed by staff in 2005, re-visioned in 2017, and continue to develop as we respond to local and national education initiatives. We work from a base of Christ-centred relationships, supporting inclusivity, innovative digital learning and aiming for the pinnacle of individual academic excellence. We have a strong belief that all students can learn and have responsibility for their own life-long learning. In 2018, we see the full implementation and reporting on all learning areas defined by the Australian Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences (History, Geography, Economics & Business, Civics & Citizenship), Physical Health and Education, Languages, The Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Art, Media), and Technologies (Digital and Design and Technologies). Our curriculum embeds the understandings and skills in each of these areas, including adding further strength to our Educative Engagement Program, Integrated Humanities and Integrated Maths and Science programs in Year 7. Merici College is a school with a passionate and committed staff and a student body focused on learning! 

Renee Taylor
Deputy Principal Learning
02 6243 4103

Deputy Principal Development

At Merici College, we invite you into partnership with us to support your daughters in their growth to full potential during the crucial adolescent years. Through our formal and informal pastoral care structures and processes we aim to affirm the dignity and worth of each individual student and to provide a sense of security and well-being as a member of a caring, Christian community. We strive to develop in students resilience, self awareness, emotional maturity and self control. A Merici student should display generosity of spirit and be prepared to reach out to others in the school and wider community. As a Catholic school, we believe that Christ-centred relationships are the foundation on which all our work is based and so we encourage all to develop relationships of care and support which are characterised by compassion, tolerance and reconciliation.

Phil Coe
Deputy Principal Development
02 6243 4105

Business Manager

Merici College is an established inner city all girls Catholic College in the heart of Canberra.

From the beautiful manicured garden like grounds, tennis courts and one of the best ovals in Canberra, to the state of the art hospitality kitchen/canteen and restaurant, information centre, an amazing new auditorium, a full size gym, new state of the art science labs, extensive WiFi – all teaching and learning areas are technology rich!

We are blessed with the best in facilities and space.

And to get there, we are well connected to Canberra’s outer northern suburbs via Canberra’s new light rail and to the southside with even our own dedicated bus service. As far as site and facilities is concerned, Merici girls learn in an environment that is peaceful and safe.

We offer many different and convenient options to pay fees. And if financial hardship occurs, we have ways to accommodate that as well.

As Business Manager, I am responsible for financial control and site and facilities and as a member of College Executive (as well as our Snowsports Coordinator), I am a parent of 3 now adult children all educated in the Catholic system. I’ve worked in several colleges in my 15-year career as Business Manager and Merici College is simply the best I’ve known.

Please contact me anytime time and I’ll happily assist with your enquiry and tell you more why our learning community is great.

Adrian Heim
Business Manager
Telephone: 6243 4106

Head of Senior School

Senior School is a challenging and rewarding time for students. Students have exciting choices to make about their futures in these years, and Merici provides them the support they need to make these important decisions.

Partnering with families, we strive to make sure that each student is following the path that best suits them. We work with them to develop a strong vision of where they want to take their lives and then help them to make this vision happen. For students who find forming this vision challenging, we provide support necessary to start this process. Merici College fosters a supportive environment that allows each student to achieve individual academic excellence in their studies and position themselves well for whatever choices lies ahead.

We guide students through the process of choosing subjects and plotting their course through the last years of their studies and into careers and further study, or both. We take this process very seriously and spend time in interviews and retreats to get this right for every student.

If a student needs support to plan and navigate through the academic and social demands of Senior School, a range of support is offered to help with planning, preparing for assessment, and handling the stresses and strains of study. A comprehensive pastoral structure ensures that students get timely support when they need it most. Merici’s unique close knit community is a wonderful foundation for students going into senior school and one of the many reasons why Merici students find such great success.

Laura Sheehan (Acting)
Head of Senior School
6243 41342

Head of Junior School - Years 7-9

The Head of Junior School (HOJS), has many varied responsibilities. Primarily the role is to support students in Years 7 to 9 and to ensure that their individual needs are being met by the school. Listening and communicating are essential to the success of this role as is liaising with House Coordinators, the Leadership team, the Inclusive Education Coordinator as well as staff, students and parents.

Coordinating information sessions for Year 7 and Year 9 students, arranging events and presentations suited to each Year level, identifying areas of concern and working with others to find solutions to these are all part of the role of the HOJS.

The HOJS has a pivotal role to play in the successful transition of students from Primary School to High School. They will facilitate the contribution of the student led Transition Team and organise Year 7 Camp, which is an important bonding experience for all Year 7s. The HOJS along with the Transition Team will jointly contribute to the success of the Big Sister and the Be a Merici Girl for a Day programs.

The HOJS is also responsible for managing the junior elective program and helping Year 9 students choose wisely as they prepare to enter the senior school. For this, liaising with the Head of Senior School and the Careers and Vocational Education Coordinator is essential. The HOJS also manages the assessment calendars for junior subjects so that students are aware of when assessment tasks are due and parents can use this information to help plan and organise their daughter’s study regimes.

Above all, it is the job of the HOJS to work with the entire Merici Community to ensure the experience the girls have At Merici is positive and that it enables them to become strong, independent, caring citizens of our world.

Virginia McLeod
Head of Junior School
6243 4169

Head of Mission and Community

The Mission Statement of Merici College is grounded in St Paul’s Scripture message where “Faith, hope and love abide” (1 Cor 13: 13). This is embedded in everything we do and is of course also present in the College’s Principles of Powerful Learning. The Merici community is inspired by the love and virtues of our patron Saint, Angela Merici and Jesus as a model for living. The annual College theme is linked to our Mission Statement and forms a framework for faith formation in the College e.g. Year of Youth in 2018.

Merici College is strong in faith and our catholicity and values are a living reality. Our College liturgical celebrations are engaging for our students, encourage leadership roles and involvement across Year groups, for example the 2018 Easter liturgy involved over 70 students alone. The College community participates in annual liturgical celebrations such as: Opening School Mass, Grandparents Day, Father-Daughter Mass and dinner and a Mother’s Day Prayer reflection. The College was originally founded on six religious Orders and this is reflected in our vertical House-based system. House Days, which align with the relevant feast / memorial day, are an opportunity for the six College Houses to individually celebrate their founding Order. The student retreat program at Merici acknowledges the link between wellbeing and faith and aims to meet the needs of students and invites them to encounter Jesus through meaningful experience.

The Christian Service Learning program at Merici College seeks to combine meaningful service to put faith in action in local and global communities. Students are provided with organised service activities through their RE classes and are encouraged to arrange and complete service hours in their communities. The Angel Effect program awards students for their contributions in the area of Service Learning. The St Angela Merici Award is presented to students who have achieved at a high level in at least three areas, one of which must be Christian Service.

Angela’s Angels is the formal Youth Ministry @ Merici group. It is involved in various faith formation activities throughout the year such as the Easter Liturgy. Students are also offered opportunities to participate in Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) initiatives such as the LEAD and iWitness youth masses and rallies. A Youth Minister is employed at Merici College to further enhance the faith formation of our students. Social action is important at Merici; the Social Justice group is proactive in leading initiatives such as fundraising and awareness raising events with a whole-school and broader community focus such as Project Compassion (Caritas Australia) and Socktober (Catholic Mission).

Amy Connellan
Head of Mission and Community
02 6243 4157