The purpose of this document is to:
• Communicate to all stakeholders in our IB Merici College community the requirements for enrolment in the DP at Merici College and the College enrolment procedures.
• Provide clear guidelines to all stakeholders by defining appropriate practice for admission to the DP in the context of Merici College.
• Establish the responsibilities of all stakeholders related to admissions at Merici College

Admission to the IB Middle Years Programme
All students in the junior school (Years 7-10) will be studying, using the IB Middle Years Programme as a framework to deliver the Australian Curriculum. The entry requirements are only that of the College’s admission processes. Where students have been identified as ‘Gifted’ they may be offered personalised learning pathways that could include senior courses (see Gifted and Talented Policy). Students whose learning needs do not allow full participation in the IB programme, will still follow the Australian Curriculum, with modifications as needed to their assessment.

Admission to the IB Diploma Programme
Merici College believes that students who wish to challenge themselves both academically and personally should be allowed entrance to the IB Diploma Programme (IB DP). It Is expected that all students wishing to study the IB DP at Merici, opt to study for the full Diploma, rather than for course scores.
There is no grade point average, or subject grade (except for Language Acquisition and Mathematics) that must be achieved in order to be permitted to study the IB DP at Merici College, though students are encouraged to discuss with the relevant IB DP teachers about their HL subject selections. Students instead are required to show dedication and resilience to their studies. Students who have the best chance at success in the Diploma Programme are motivated, independent learners who are interested in their courses.

All Senior students, whether completing the ACT BSSS Senior Secondary Certificate or applying to study the IB Diploma Programme, will be provided with course counselling at the admissions stage. This will assist with choosing the appropriate course package and pathway. Students applying to enter the IB Diploma Programme will be required to demonstrate resilience and dedication to their studies through an interview with the IB Diploma Coordinator, VET & Careers Education Coordinator and Head of Senior School in the course counselling process.

Full policy here