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The College welcome applications from those not of the Catholic faith if there are places available, on the understanding that all students will support the religious ethos of the College and will participate in Religious Education lessons, liturgical celebrations and retreats where appropriate.

The College also welcome applications from students with special needs (subject to the CEO Enrolment Policy). Before finalising an enrolment, interviews are held to ensure that enrolment at the college would be appropriate for the student. These decisions are made on an individual basis and after careful consultation with the family and the Catholic Education Office.




The College follows the CEO’s Enrolment Policy in processing applications. A full copy of this policy can be found on the CEO website, .


Enrolment application forms are available from the reception area of the college, the principal’s secretary, on the school website under Enrolments or the Catholic Education Office (CEO).

Students new to the College – who enrol mid-year

House Coordinators must arrange to meet with the new student and her parents/ guardians at the beginning of the new year or within 2 weeks of a new student commencing at the school. The interview should include: a clear description of the ‘student agreed practice’ document/ discussion of the student planner and its function, any confidential discussion regarding the welfare and management of the student and the establishment of a buddy in the student’s year level and an older student from her pastoral care group. House Coordinators will pass on relevant information to the student’s teachers and Pastoral Care Teacher, including Studies Coordinators in the communication for their information. Teachers and Pastoral Care Teachers need to be particularly aware of students new to their classes to enable them to settle in as quickly as possible. Concerns or queries should be addressed sooner rather than later.


CEO Policy for Catholic Systemic Schools


Application to Enrol in an Archdiocesan Catholic School and Catholic Schools Enrolment Information Pack,

Approved by: Merici Executive
Implementation Date: September 2007
Policy last Updated: July 2017
Merici Contact Officer: Deputy Principal Learning