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This policy describes the principles and expectations for assessing student achievement.


Continuous Assessment

This means that instead of achievement being measured only by a single examination, other items such as research, practical work, written and oral class work are considered as important contributions to the measurement of student outcomes.



Merici has a policy of continuous assessment throughout each semester. The relative importance of each task type varies from subject to subject. Most subjects work around having a maximum of four pieces of assessment per semester or three pieces of assessment in a term unit. Cross marking, moderation and discussions with Studies Coordinators and other teachers are standard procedures to ensure that teachers maintain common assessment standards.

With regards to assessment tasks, teachers are expected to give the following information to students through the use of an assessment task cover sheet:

  • Task type
  • Date handed out
  • Weighting for the unit
  • Date due in
  • Resources suggested for task
  • Number of lessons allocated to task during school time
  • Number of hours in addition to class time expected to complete task

Academic Awards Ceremonies

These are held twice yearly and recognise students who have achieved Academic Excellence or who have demonstrated Outstanding Effort. In addition, students who achieve a grade point average of 4.75 and above will receive a Certificate of High Distinction. Students who achieve a grade point of average of 4.5 - 4.74 will receive Certificates of Distinction.


CEO Assessment policy: Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, 2000, Treasures New and Old Department of Education and Training, ACT, 2007, Every Chance to Learn



Approved by: Merici Executive
Implementation Date: September 2007
Policy last Updated: July 2017
Merici Contact Officer: Deputy Principal Development