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This policy describes the roles of key staff and the processes for exiting the building and to ensure the safety and well-being of school staff, students, and volunteers in the event of a lockdown of the school


Lockdown is a procedure used when there is an immediate threat to the school e.g. school intruders. Lockdown minimises access to the school and secures staff and students in rooms.

Staff who are concerned about the presence of an unauthorised visitor should enquire if they have registered at the Front Office and are carrying a visitor’s pass. If this is not the case, refer the matter to a member of the Executive.


All Archdiocesan schools must have written lockdown procedures that are to be prominently displayed in the school. Merici College utilises the following procedures.

Regular lockdown procedures are conducted to familiarize the school community with these established procedures.


Lockdown Procedure

  1. The Staff member who identifies the intruder should contact a member of the EXECUTIVE who will determine if lockdown procedures should be initiated.
  2. Member of the EXECUTIVE to announce over the PA “Prepare for Lockdown, I repeat, Prepare for Lockdown” alerting the college community that a Lockdown procedure is being instigated.
  3. Principal organises for call to 000.
  4. The Deputy Principal Development will ‘oversee’ all procedures. If the Deputy Principals are on class, the Principal and Business Manager shall assume all required responsibilities
  5. The Receptionist will coordinate communication through the Front Office.
  6. In the case of the following scenarios, the EXECUTIVE announcement will instruct:
    • a)  Before School, Recess / Lunch break, after school: supervising staff to direct students to immediately return to their Homeroom Classroom.
    • b)  Class time: instruct supervising / teaching staff to remain with their classes.
    • c)  Class time: instruct supervising staff of outdoor activities to move with their students to the OYC or Auditorium or Gymnasium.
    • d)  Front Office staff to contact all off-site activities supervisors on procedures for returning to the College.
    • e)  Staff members not on class should remain in their normal staff room, making contact with Front Office notifying names and number of personnel present.
    • f)  Non-teaching staff (canteen, learning centre, etc) should remain in work area, making contact with Front Office notifying names and number of personnel present.
  7. The EXECUTIVE should ensure that all doors, external gates and roller door near canteen and perimeter fences, if appropriate, are secured and that timetabled classes / staff are accounted for:

    • a)  Deputy Principal Development will physically verify the security of the Old Building including the Gymnasium.
    • b)  Deputy Principal Learning will physically verify the security of the New Building including the Auditorium.
    • c)  Receptionist will collate class / staff locations, including off-site groups.
    • d)  The College Business Manager will physically verify the security of the Administration Area.
  8. The only entry to the school for the period of lockout should be through the main entrance. The Business Manager (with the Deputy Principal Learning once rooms are secure) will ensure that access is monitored and that only authorised personnel have access.

  9. Staff should check area outside their classrooms for nearby students and direct any students in the immediate vicinity into their classroom. Staff should not leave the classroom to get students. The door should then be closed and secured.

  10. Staff should ensure students remain calm and quiet. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are students or staff to use their mobile phones or computers during the emergency.

  11. Classroom doors are to be locked and windows secured. Staff and students move away from line of sight.

  12. Room security should be maintained until further notification is provided by member of the EXECUTIVE or identified Police Officer.

  13. Staff should record the names of students who are in the room, including any missing and/or extra students.

  14. Dependent upon the situation, rolls will be collected from supervising staff by a member of the EXECUTIVE or delegate.

  15. Should the notified incidence continue beyond scheduled College hours, the Principal will liaise with ACT Police or other emergency services to develop and implement a plan for student departure. The notification of parents and care givers will also be coordinated by the Principal and authorities.

  16. The Principal will liaise with the ACT Police and other emergency services to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

  17. At the conclusion of the procedure the College community may then move into an Evacuation drill (Oval shelter shed assembly area).



Approved by: Merici Executive
Implementation Date: September 2007
Policy last Updated: July 2017
Merici Contact Officer: Deputy Principal Development