Seiwa History

"Love your neighbour as yourself"
The bombing of Nagasaki, Japan
On the 9th of August 1945, an atomic bomb at the hands of World War 2 devastated the city of Nagasaki. The city had a high catholic population and the tragedy killed 140,000 people, which affected the religion worldwide. This devastation prompted the bishop of Nagasaki to call for help and the Good Samaritan nuns of Australia risked their lives to provide relief to those struggling. One of the inspirational acts of the Good Samaritan nuns was set up a school, North of Nagasaki, in order to provide education and structure to the lives of the children who were devastated by the atrocity. The school was opened in 1953 and was named Seiwa College. In 2014 the Good Samaritan nuns are still continuing their efforts of actively displaying peace and compassion in Japan. Canberra Catholic Girls High was opened six years after the establishment of Seiwa College, by Sister Clare Slattery of the Good Samaritan nuns. Therefore it was fitting to name a house within Merici after Seiwa to acknowledge the honourable work of the Good Samaritan nuns.

From the bombing, one girl in particular, Sadako Sasaki, is remembered for her remarkable courage after exposure to the atomic bomb left her with Leukaemia. To pass the time in the nursing home she was being treated in, she made it her goal to fold one thousand origami cranes before she died. She only made it to 644 before she became too weak to continue, so her classmate agreed to finish them for her to complete her wish. There is a statue of Sadako holding a crane in Hiroshima Peace Park to remember her, and every year on Obon day people leave cranes at the statue in memory of the peace and compassion she displayed throughout the devastating time.

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.”

Loving God,

As members of Seiwa House we reflect the spirit of the Good Samaritan sisters. We pray for the peace nurtured through our compassion to help our community and the wider world. We ask for Your guidance to allow each and every one of us to dream confidently and strive for excellence in education. We pray that we use the gifts and talents God has given us and serve one another on our journey to build hopeful futures.

Caring God, through powerful service- may we continue to follow in Jesus’ footsteps to improve the lives of those around us.

Compassionate God, through wisdom- may we use our knowledge to measure up to your call.

Peaceful God, through finding peace- may we carry out fulfilling lives with stillness and tranquillity.

God our Father, bless us with the compassion- that we may create foundations strong enough for all of us to walk together towards a just world.


Our Seiwa Community and Charity - CanTeen

Seiwa students have put together a movie which illustrates the great work the Seiwa House does in our community.

Seiwa Acrostic Poem

Spirit: We have pride and spirit towards our House and College

Enthusiastic and eager to learn new things

Intelligent: We focus on our studies and make informed, wise choices

Winners: We strive to do the best in everything we do

Achievers: We are achievers. We always move forward and walk towards our goals no matter how hard they are.

Seiwa Poem

I am from a House with strong spirit,

A House that strives and has no limit.

I am from a House with victorious values,

A House with pride that stands tall like statues.

The peace that flows like a powerful river,

Our compassion will make your anger shiver.

Our love is strong with the bond of community,

We help our family and aspire for opportunity.

Where teamwork will stand strong

With everyone feeling as though they belong.