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Students were interviewed to seek their views on the College, their responses are genuine and have not been altered.

What our girls say about Merici …

I was a bit nervous on my first day but I was given lots of information and guidance that helped me. I am looking forward to our Year 7 camp so that I can spend more time with my new friends.  I have enjoyed meeting all my new teachers and going to the different classes, and the school leaders have helped me find my way around the College. Year 7 student

Bringing your own computer to school this year has helped create more familiarity in using technology in the classroom and the teachers are always supportive and willing to help me. Year 8 student

It’s great being able to become involved in so many different academic and co-curricular activities. I am a member of the Social Justice group and I am looking forward to helping other people in our community.     Year 9 student

The College’s focus on sustainability is amazing. Each day we learn more ways to keep our environment safe. Through my day to day practices, such as using the correct bins, minimising waste, recycling and working in our kitchen garden and glasshouse, I feel like I am helping to sustain a healthy environment. Year 10 student

The vertical grouping in PC is fantastic at Merici, allowing students from all years to integrate and form relationships. It also gives the senior students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and be role models, which builds on a larger sense of community and belonging, and enhances the school spirit. Year 11 student                          

Merici has given me the skills that I need so that my career pathway can begin in 2016. I graduate this year knowing that I have developed as a whole person, academically, socially and spiritually. I am looking forward to building a future more wondrous than I dare to dream, and I will always remember all my teachers who have been so supportive of my learning. Year 12 student


What our parents say about Merici …

A Parent Forum was held on Tuesday 10 March to discuss big picture ideas for the Merici College Masterplan and addressed themes like ICT, Sustainability, Pedagogy/Flexible Learning Spaces, Outdoor spaces, Circulation and Movement, Social and Community Life,and Student and Staff Experience. The following parent observations were communicated to Merici staff at the Forum.

The culture at Merici was what attracted us to enrol our daughter. The school environment is very inclusive and provides opportunities for students to achieve. The students are well-balanced, and our two enrolled daughters are very happy to be part of the Merici community. Year 7 Parent

My daughters thoroughly enjoy participating in the numerous co-curricular activities on offer at the College. Year 9 and Year 12 Parent

I believe that the Pastoral Care system is one of the College's many strengths. I have four daughters enrolled at Merici and they are all very happy with their learning at Merici, particularly as it is focused on girls education. Year 11 Parent

My family has always felt a sense of belonging and welcome here at Merici. The inclusive education team has supported my daughter to achieve her full potential and encourages her to strive for success. Year 9 Parent

I am particularly impressed with the way that the College prioritises goals for women. All our expectations of the College have been exceeded. Year 7 Parent

The transition support for Defence students is excellent here. My daughter is in constant contact with the Defence Transition Mentor and other students from Defence families. Year 7 Parent

We were blown away with the facilities here at the College when we attended the Open Day. The environment is very nurturing, encouraging young women to dream and achieve. Year 9 Parent

I have a daughter in Year 11 and one graduated a couple of years ago. Both my daughters have loved their learning experiences, particularly the pastoral care system and have become fine young women. Year 12 Parent

My wife and niece are ex-Merici students and we are very happy with the education that our daughters are receiving. It is a very good environment, the girls are extremely happy here.Years 10 and 9 Parent

One of my daughters has graduated from Merici and has excelled in art. I have one daughter in Year 9 and a younger child. We heard about Merici through word of mouth and have been extremely happy here. In the words of my Year 9 daughter, "I'm never leaving Merici". Year 9 Parent




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