Top up Online

The school run Merici Canteen has been in operation for 12 years. In that time we have fed hundreds of thousands of students and members of the community. The Canteen staff and Hospitality students cook al the food sold in the Canteen. Our aim is to continue to remove all processed and packaged food and drinks from our menu. The award winning kitchen garden was a direct result of Canteen. The food scraps to our chooks, while the vegetable matter goes to compost to give nutrients to the soil to grow produce for the canteen. All food is plated and served with cutlery. We have drastically reduced the use of plastic wrap and disposable containers. We do not provide take away cups for drinks. We are doing our bit to contribute to Merici’s impressive sustainability program. All food is fresh, vegetable heavy, delicious and inexpensive. The blackboard menu changes every day. To purchase food girls swipe their student cards which they top up before school, at recess or at lunch time by using the machine outside the Student Services Office. The machine accepts EFTPOS and PayPass so students and their parents can now top up student cards with a debit or credit card. If students do choose to bring their own food from home, we encourage parent to consider supporting our program by limiting plastic bags, using Tupperware or similar, and providing your own cutlery from home for your daughter to use. This complements our three-bin waste disposal system, which your daughter will learn more about when studying the Year 7 Stewardship Unit.