Merici College believes that all students can learn and acknowledges different learning styles. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and we attempt to develop enthusiasm, enjoyment and love of learning.

We recognise that within the College community there will be some students with special learning needs, who will need extra support to enable them to achieve to the best of their ability. ESP (Educational Success Program) is a multi-faceted approach to supporting students with their learning.

Merici College students using IT systems

The Learning Support Team at Merici offers support to students with sensory, physical or intellectual disabilities. These fall into the following categories:

Students with disability

Students with a disability: as identified by the Catholic Education Office (as required by the Australian Government definition) are offered:

These students are offered:

  • Individual learning plans
  • Appropriately modified content
  • Appropriate teacher and/or classroom support using Learning Support Teacher Assistants

Students with identified learning difficulties

Difficulties may have been identified through:

Entry testing, information from parents and teachers, NAPLAN results. Support is offered to these students through a range of the following:

  • Differentiated curriculum
  • Peer tutoring programs
  • Classroom support through Learning Support Assistants
  • Targeted tutoring programs

The levels of support offered to such students include:

  • Support in class by Teacher Assistants
  • Support for teachers, including discussion of suitable strategies to support particular students
  • Modification of learning outcomes, class work and assessment tasks to suit individual students

Other Avenues of Support


The hUb is available Thursday and Friday to Senior students and for students in Years 7 -10 by arrangement with class teachers. If you would like more information please contact Mrs Louise Henderson, Inclusive Education Coordinator on telephone 6243 4153 or email

The Homework Centre in the iC

The Homework Centre operates in the iC (Library) after school Monday through to Thursday, 3.30pm – 4.30pm. It is facilitated and staffed by members of the Inclusive Education team. There is no cost involved and it is free service in which any student can participate.Students can receive assistance undertaking assignments, locating resources or simply working on their own tasks. For information on the Homework Centre please click here Homework Centre Information 2014.

If you would like more information please contact Mrs Louise Henderson, Inclusive Education Coordinator on telephone 6243 4153 or email

Cross Age Tutoring

Cross age tutoring is available from students in Years 11 and 12 for students in the junior years. Senior students are paired with junior students according to academic interests and needs. Students may meet before school, at lunch time or after school. Please click here Cross-age Tutoring Information and Application Form for Parents to find more information and the application form for parents to complete.

Enrolment Policy

Funded students with recognised disabilities are required to have a panel meeting to determine their level of need. The panel consists of:

  • The Principal
  • A representative from the CEO Learning Support Team
  • The Learning Support Teacher
  • Parent/s and child
  • Other professionals if required

Important Contacts

If you have any questions or concerns at all regarding your daughter’s needs please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Loretta Wholley, Principal on telephone 6243 4102.